Closed for Season

Last night my husband and I went to the Seven Bridges trail at Grant Park. This has long been a favorite of ours, but I hadn’t gone in the winter before. So we put on our boots, grabbed some spikes/chains (for extra grip on the plethora of stairs on the trail), and headed out, camera at the ready.

All was going well and then…


Yep. The stairs leading down to the bridges was closed. Some people have clearly chosen to ignore the sign (or potentially got there before they hung the sign, but the former seems more likely), but we respected the park’s wishes and headed along another path.

We ended up taking a nice walk on the path that goes along the top of the park… and then retracing those steps when I noticed that I my spikes were no longer attached to my right boot. (We found them… alllllll the way back at the beginning of the trail, about 20 feet from where I put them on.)

Unfortunately, there really wasn’t much to photograph due to a lack of light. January 16th was the new moon and the trail itself is not lit, so while it was nice to see as many stars as we could, it was not a great night for pictures (especially without a tripod, which I left at home and would have slowed us down too much anyway).

Overall, it wasn’t an ideal walking experience. No photos. No bridges (okay, technically we were on ONE bridge, but we missed the rest). And I had a hell of a time shaking the cold even after we had been home for an hour. But, we walked, and that’s the important thing.

I’ll be back for you, Seven Bridges. Count on it.


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